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Your commitment to the altar is not only a duty but a great honour, a true holy service.


                     -Pope Saint John Paul II

If you would like to become an altar server, please contact Norma Dauvin.

Lectors/Eucharistic Ministers

Learn the Heart of God from the Word of God.

-Pope Saint Gregory the Great

If you would like to join our readers or become a Eucharistic minister, please contact Fran Ross.


To sing is to pray twice. 

-Saint Augustine

If you would like to help out in our music ministry, please contact Jan Jensen.



To the servant of God, every place is the right place, and every time is the right time.

-Saint Catherine of Siena

If you would like to help in our hospitality service, please contact Fran Ross. 


Beauty is the brilliance of truth.

-Saint Augustine

If you would like to join our liturgy committee, please contact Fran Ross.


Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.

-Saint Thomas Aquinas

If you wold like to help teach our catechism classes, please contact Teresa Tagle, our secretary, or Father Michael.

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